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CW Series of ordinary lathes
General machine tool


This series of lathes has high power, strong rigidity and wide range of spindle speed control. It is suitable for strong or high-speed cutting. It can turn end faces, outer circles, inner holes and various threads of metric, inch, modulus and diameter, and can undertake drilling. , nesting, boring and other processes. The bedside box is forcibly lubricated with pressure oil, and the spindle speed range has several types for users to choose.
There is a safety mechanism in the slide box to prevent the lathe from being damaged due to overload. The upper tool holder can shorten the cone of the motor vehicle, and the composite movement of the longitudinal feed and the upper tool holder can be used to cut the long cone of the motor vehicle. The lathe adopts a horizontal flat bed, the guide rail is super-audio quenched, and the bed saddle is attached with a TSF rail plate. Flexible movement and stable accuracy. The steering handle of the lathe is concentrated, easy to use and flexible.

Project Unit CW6180 CW61100 CW61125
Max.swing diameter over bed mm 800 1000 1250
Max.swing diameter over carriage mm 480 680 930
Max.workpiece length mm   1500、2000、3000-12000mm  
Max.swing diameter and witdth in gap mm 1000/310 1200/310 1450/310
Spindle bore and nose   Φ105mm;D11
Taper in spindle nose and center   Φ120mm; Mores No.5
Steps and range of spindle speeds r/min 18 kinds5.4-720
Steps and range of longitudinal feeds r/min 64 kinds0.06-24.3
Range 1:1 r/min 0.1-1.52
Range 16:1 r/min 1.6-24.3
Range of fine feed with change gears r/min 0.06-0.912
Longitudinal and cross feed rate   1/2
Rapid speed of carriage r/min 4000
Pitch of leaderscrew   12mm;1/2"
Number、range of metric thread mm 50 kinds1-240
Number、range of Whitworth thread t.p.i 26 kinds14-1
Number、range of module thread mm 53 kinds0.5-120
Number、range of diamctral throad DP 24 kinds28-1
Max.cross travel of lower slidc mm 500
Max.cross travel of top slidc mm 300 of quill of tailstock mm 250
Taper of quillt of ailstock   Mores No.5 Mores No.6
Main motor power KW 11or15 15
Rapid motor power KW 1.1
Power of coolant pump motor W 120
Width and hight of machine mm 1550x1630x1800(CW6180) 1550X1790(CW61100Q) 1550X1855(CW61125Q)
Tool machine weight Max.longth of
1500 kg 5000    
3000 kg 5600    
4000 kg 6200    
5000 kg 7000    
6000 kg      
8000 kg      
10000 kg      
11000 kg      
12000 kg      
Bed body rail width mm 600
Maximum load kg 2000


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