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RTC Series bed body CNC lathe
Full-featured CNC machine tool


Bed: The overall box-type slant bed is used to achieve excellent stability and high rigidity. The bed uses finite element analysis (FEM) to optimize the design of the ribs inside the integrated bed. The strength of the bed is 30% higher than the traditional design, and the heat flow balance design can meet the long-term processing requirements. The bed is cast from high-strength cast iron and resin to provide sufficient rigidity, strength and stability for the bed. The guide rails are all rectangular hard rail structure, with large bearing capacity, good anti-vibration performance, improved machine tool characteristics, improved machine tool accuracy and precision stability, and improved machine tool life.

Spindle box: The spindle box incorporates the latest Japanese design technology. It adopts high-precision, high-speed, high-rigidity and independent single-spindle structure to match high-speed and high-torque spindle motors, which greatly improves production efficiency and achieves excellent machining results. The spindle bearing adopts imported bearings (NSK, etc.) and grease lubrication technology, which makes the spindle have high precision, high speed, high load and low temperature rise. It can not only withstand large power and high torque cutting, but also has high spindle precision and life. .
Knife tower: HST series ultra-fast horizontal hydraulic servo turret adopts the latest design products, technology, manufacturing, testing and other key aspects of the latest products. 1) High rigidity: The optimized box installation structure fully guarantees the best position for the combination of the tool holder and the machine tool. The optimized end tooth plate tooth shape and large diameter end gear plate design combined with hydraulic locking ensure the maximum product. High rigidity, easy to handle both large cutting and high speed finishing. 2) High precision: The unique German high-precision CNC end gear grinding machine fully guarantees the repeat positioning accuracy of the turret, and it can still guarantee the stability of machining precision in large cutting. 3) High efficiency: The excellent combination of high-speed servo motor and high-precision reducer ensures the extremely high indexing speed of the tool post. It does not need to return to zero when the machine is powered on. It is the first choice for high efficiency. 4) Low energy consumption: low-power high-inertia servo motor with unique servo turret control technology has changed the high energy consumption and low efficiency of traditional electric and hydraulic tool holders, greatly reducing the power supply of the machine tool and the load of the hydraulic system. The cost of the user is saved.

Programmable tailstock/hydraulic tailstock: The tailstock is driven by servo control and hydraulically locked, which greatly saves the clamping time and automatic operation of the tailstock workpiece, improves the machining efficiency, and can be used for simple tool preparation.

Project RTC3550 RTC3580
Processing capacity Maximum swing diameter Φ580mm
Maximum swing diameter on the saddle Φ350mm
Maximum machining diameter Φ430mm
Maximum processing length 500mm 850mm
Rod through the operating capacity Φ75mm
Trip X-axis stroke 325mm
Z-axis stroke 600mm 950mm
Spindle Spindle model/aperture A2-8/Φ87
Card size N210/A2-8
Hydraulic swing cylinder M1875/Φ75mm
Maximum speed 2500rpm
Variable speed sins Stepless speed regulation
Spindle nose form Optional: A2-11/Diameter105mm
Knife Tower Knife Tower Form Servo turret
Number of tools 12
Knife rod size 25*25mm
Knife rod diameter Φ50mm
Project RTC3550 RTC3580
Feed speed X-axis fast-forward speed 20000mm/min
Z-axis fast-forward speed 20000mm/min
Tails Tail-seating itinerary Φ430mm
Tail-seater spindle cone hole 400mm Servo programmable tailstock 700mm 伺服可编程尾架
Motor Spindle motor 18.5kW
Hydraulic pump motors 1.5kW
Cooling pump motor 1.5kW
Power capacity 35kVA
Gas source 0.5mpa(5kgf/cm2),150L/min
Hydraulic 2.5-5Mpa
Cooling Tank capacity 150L
size/weight Machine height 1970
Covers area 2950(+1215 Cutting machine)*2115 3250(+1215 Cutting machine)*2115
Machine weight 6000 6500
Machine accuracy Repeat positioning accuracy (X/Z axis) 0.006mm
Positioning accuracy (X/Z axis) 0.012mm

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