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Ck Series fully functional CNC lathe (double triangle body)
Full-featured CNC machine tool


Bed: This series of machine tools adopts a flat overall bed, which is cast by sand-type technology. The internal ribs have a reasonable layout, the guide rails are wide, and the overall rigidity of the bed is high. It adopts medium frequency quenching, the hardened layer is 2~3mm deep, the hardness is above HRC52, and the saddle and slide sliding surface are plasticized, so that the dynamic and static characteristics of the feed system are in the best state, because The dynamic and static friction coefficients are close, which reduces the occurrence of low-speed crawling; the double-triangle guide surface makes the machine tool rigid, resists vibration and deformation, and allows users to obtain higher machining accuracy and faster moving speed. High production efficiency.
Main drive system: The headstock of this series of machine tools is hydraulic automatic shifting. Its main shaft bearings are made of precision spindle bearings at home and abroad. They are lubricated with external circulation lubricating oil, which can effectively control the temperature rise of the main shaft. In addition, the internal transmission parts of the headstock are taken outside the body. The circulating lubricating oil is lubricated, and the heat dissipation effect is good, so that the heat generated during the operation of the headboard can be fully and rapidly diffused to the outside. When designing the headboard, the spindle precision and rigidity are improved. The advanced processing equipment ensures the machining precision of the headstock, the spindle and various parts. When assembling, the spindle bearings are pre-tightened and the preload is ensured. The assembled bed box has the characteristics of low temperature rise, small thermal deformation and high precision, so that the spindle can maintain relatively stable precision when working for a long time.

Project Unit CK6180D CK61100D
max.Swing overbed mm 900 1050
Span of quideway mm 600 piece length mm 1500 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 10000
Max.cutting length mm 1350 1850 2850 3850 4850 5850 7850 9850
Max.swing overside mm 560 710
Max.cuttung dia   1050
Spindle nose   A2-11
Chuck Manual 630
Inner taper of spindle nose   1:20
Spindle bore   105
Spindle speed N Manual four-speed, automatic four-speed
Spindle speed range r/min 17-800
main power KW 15
center height From bed 450 525
Fron ground 1150 1225
X/Ztool post traverse m/min 4/8
time for indexing turret one step/full step S 3.9


Project Unit CK6180D CK61100D
Tool post rotative positioning
repeatility accuracy
stroke of X axis mm 530
stroke of Z axis mm 1400 1900 2900 3900 4900 5900 7900 9900
Workpiece accuracy   IT6-IT7
Surface roughness μm Ra1.6
Travel/diameter of tailstock quill mm 250/105
Bore taper of tailstock sleeve mm Mohs 6
Mode of tool post Vertical four-station  
Vertical 6-station  
Horizontal 6-station  
Cutting Manual drilling  
Automatic row remover  
Mode of tool post Excircle mm 32X32
Bore mm Φ32
Power of general power supply KW 25
Steadyrest and spanner mm Φ50-Φ350
Follower rest mm Φ50-Φ200
Max loading weight Kg 3000


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