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Ck6156 CNC Lathe
Full-featured CNC machine tool


 CK series CNC milling machine is a universal processing machine with excellent performance, safety and durability. The functional structure adopts modern design theory and ergonomic design, simple operation, excellent reliability and pleasantness.
This series of machine tools is suitable for the needs of the defense industry, aerospace, petrochemical, automotive, railway, ship and other fields. It can realize the inner and outer surfaces of the shaft and disc, the conical surface, the circular arc surface, various common thread, boring and reaming, and can also realize non-circular curve processing. The machine tool has high processing efficiency, good precision retention, and high interchangeability of processed products.
The series of machine tools adopts the overall horizontal flat bed and adopts the combination of double triangular guide rails. The machine guide rails are treated by super-audio quenching, which has high hardness and wear resistance.

project unit Ck6156
Maximum turning diameter of the bed mm Ф560
Rail span mm 435
Maximum workpiece length mm 750 1100 1500 2000
Cutting length mm 700 1050 1450 1950
Cutting diameter mm 560 (立四) 420 (立六)
Maximum turning diameter on the skateboard mm 300
Cutting diameter mm 460
Maximum turning diameter on the skateboard mm 280
Spindle end type and code mm A8
Taper taper in front of the spindle   1:20
Spindle aperture mm 80
Spindle speed series n No step in manual third gear
Spindle speed range r/min 36-366 78-785 178-1600
main motor power kw 7.5/11
Maximum load bearing (disc type) / (shaft type) kg 700/1400


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