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CJKL400 CNC Screw Milling
Machine tool for screw


The machine tool spindle and vertical and horizontal overfeed adopt domestic or imported servo motor. The whole bed rail adopts high-strength cast iron, precision grinding after super-audio quenching, bed saddle rail plasticizing, and small friction coefficient.
The milling head speed adopts the mechanical second-speed frequency conversion speed regulation, which can process various cylinders with different pitch changes, groove depth changes, equal lead, variable lead, gradient lead, and other slots with deep groove and variable groove depth. The processing roughness can reach Ra3.2, the screw lead error is 0.06mm/300mm.

project unit CJKL400
Two top workpiece lengths mm 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
Effective cutting length of the machine mm 1500 2500 3500 4500 5500
Large processing workpiece diameter mm 200
Overall bed rail width mm 600
Spindle speed range (infinite) r/min 0.1-9
Spindle through hole diameter mm 80
Milling cutter installation method   Front-mounted straight rail feed
Milling cutter spindle hole taper   BT40/BT50
Milling shank taper   Mohs 3# or 2#
Milling head spindle transfer speed r/min 50-1000
Milling head motor power kw 5.5
Basic parameters of the control system    
Control axis number   X/Y/C axis
Minimum setting unit mm 0.001
Minimum set corner   0.01
control precision   Control error <1 pulsation corresponding displacement amount or rotation amount
Tailstock spindle diameter mm 105
Fast moving speed    
Portrait mm/min 6000
Landscape mm/min 6000
Chip removal device   Manual chip removal
net weight kg 6000


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