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CJKM500 Multifunctional cylinder machine
Full-featured CNC machine tool


CJK series CNC milling machine is a universal processing machine with excellent performance, safety and durability. The functional structure adopts modern design theory and ergonomic design, simple operation, excellent reliability and pleasantness.
This series of machine tools adopts an integrated casting bed with imported roller rails for superior rigidity and faster moving speed.
The series is characterized by its versatility in processing. It can be used to machine shaft-type parts and cylinder parts as well as to form a variety of special-shaped parts.

project unit CJKM500
Workpiece diameter Mm Ф30-Ф450
Workpiece length Mm ≤8000
Workbench Mm 3000x520x520
C-axis spindle speed range r/min 0.1-9
Milling head holder model   BT50
B-axis spindle speed range (two gears) r/min 500-1500
B-axis motor power Kw 5.5
X/Y/Z axis rail   RGH55/RGH55/RGH65
Tailstock spindle diameter (built-in tip) Mm Ф140
X-axis travel / moving speed m/min 600/10
Y-axis travel / moving speed m/min 470/10
Z axis travel / moving speed m/min Oct-00
Minimum unit setting Mm 0.001


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