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CLM300 Screw Grinder
Machine tool for screw


The traditional screw processing uses manual polishing. It takes a lot of man-hours to complete the workpiece, and the screw hardness and precision quality requirements are higher now. It is more difficult to achieve with manual polishing.
The screw grinder developed by our company is suitable for the grinding of the bottom of the injection machine tube screw.
The machine adopts high-rigidity Mihana cast iron, which is annealed and vibrated to make the material stable and not easy to deform, and maintain the reliability of the machine.
This screw grinding machine adopts CNC computer numerical controller and cooperates with CNC electric diamond grinding wheel to grind high-hardness screw workpiece to achieve high precision and high quality.

project unit CLM300
Workpiece diameter Mm Ф30-Ф250
Workpiece length Mm ≤8000
Stroke X axis Mm 200
Stroke Z axis Mm ≤8000
Stroke B axis   ±20
Stroke (Y) A axis   360
Spindle motor Kw 15
X-axis servo n/m twenty two
Z-axis servo n/m 35
B-axis servo n/m 35
(Y) A-axis servo n/m twenty two
X/Z axis fast delivery Mm/min 5000
Cutting speed Mm/min 0-3000
Cutting wheel diameter Mm Ф460
Center frame group 2-Jan


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