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Zg450 Drilling and tapping composite machine
Full-featured CNC machine tool


This machine is a CNC horizontal drilling and milling compound plane. The main motion of the machine tool is the rotary motion of the horizontal spindle. The machine tool has three coordinate axes and one power shaft:
     1. X coordinate axis: the power milling head moves longitudinally on the skateboard;
     2. C coordinate axis: the workpiece is rotated by the headstock of the bed head;
     3. Z coordinate axis: The power milling head moves laterally on the bed.
The machine tool is suitable for the end face drilling and milling of medium-sized rotary parts. It is suitable for small and medium-sized batch production of petroleum, petrochemical, automotive, aerospace, metallurgical and other parts.

project unit Zg450
Workpiece diameter Mm Ф80-Ф400
Workpiece length Mm 1000-8000
Load bearing Kg 4000
C axis   360
Tool holder model   BT50
Power head speed r/min ≤2000
main motor power Kw 15
X/Z/C shaft torque n/m 22/35/35
Rail width Mm 700/1000
X/Z axis movement speed   10-Oct
Drilling (40Cr) Mm Ф40
Tapping (40Cr)   ≥M39
Minimum unit setting   0.001


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