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CNC300 Screw polishing Machine
Machine tool for screw


 Polishing mill It accelerates the second stage of rotor, stator and screw machining. A major success factor in the plastics industry is the provision of polishing and grinding units for machine tools. A special device that wipes the polishing paste onto the screw helps the workpiece surface achieve excellent results.
The solid grinding wheel cuts the workpiece and optimizes the geometry by its own scraping device. Through the grinding wheel, grinding and polishing of the side and radius of the workpiece can be accomplished in an extremely economical manner. Allows you to save more time, money and energy.
Our slogan is: shorten cycle time and improve competitive advantage. The triple grinding unit developed specifically for the oilfield industry is a magic weapon to attract the market. This equipment can effectively reduce cycle time, reduce energy consumption and reduce costs. This special application has ensured a stable geometry in the oilfield industry for the Mono-type rotor and stator cores, which has been successful in the market.

project unit CNC300
Workpiece diameter Mm Ф20-Ф300
Load bearing Kg 2000
Workpiece length Mm 500-8000
Main motor power (3000r.p.m) Kw 11
Grinding speed m/s 40
Speed range (axis)   -1.257142857
Polishing belt width Mm 10-100
Polishing belt maximum length Mm 3000
Cloth wheel size Mm Ф300
X/Y/Z axis movement speed m/min 10
Minimum angle   0.001


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